Prophoto and Flothemes Blog Design

In my next life, I will be a graphic designer full time ;). For now though, I just love to create and have fun! I specialize in creating, designing and customizing Flothemes and Prophoto blogsites (website + blog) for other photographers. Modern and clean websites are my favorite! (swoon)

Flothemes are my very favorite WordPress themes to work with and I would love to build you a beautiful, custom site based on one of their designs. Prophoto6 has some awesome features and is worth the upgrade if you looking to stay with Prophoto. They both have the ability to give you a one of a kind site.

If you don’t have WordPress and are looking to customize a Squarespace website, I can help with that too. Please contact me for a specific quote.

For all design work, 50% is due upfront and the other 50% is due on your start date.

Flothemes + Prophoto Blog Design Pricing

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The Blog or Logo Design Process

Pre-Made Prophoto Design Templates

I know that there are many less expensive alternatives out there and you might be wondering what makes Flothemes or Prophoto so great.

Before I had purchased a WordPress blog template for the first time, I didn’t know what I was missing! The ease of the backend design makes working with the template more than worth the price! Granted, you do need to know which settings effect the certain areas of your blog, but once you have that figured out, it makes the possibilities endless. If you don’t quite have those settings figured out (or you just don’t have the time), it can be frustrating to figure out.

And that frustrating part I just spoke of? That is the part I take away for you! I will help you bring your vision to life and give you the site you have been imagining – quickly! Especially with Flothemes and Prophoto 6, there is pretty much nothing we can’t do!

If you will be purchasing Prophoto, you can save $10 off your purchase with the prophoto discount code: RNIE7234